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The holiday season is quickly approaching, unfortunately bringing along with it one of the busiest times for theft or burglary claims.

Here are a few tips that can help you protect your family and belongings this holiday season.

1.    Make sure your house is well lit
With early sunsets during the holiday season, it makes the longer nights an ideal time for burglars to strike.  Make sure the exterior of your house is as bright as possible to deter lurking intruders.

2.    Consider installing an alarm system
Not only is an alarm system one of the biggest deterrents for burglars, it can also save you up to 25% on your home insurance (depending on the insurance company).  

3.    Keep gifts out of sight
If gifts are visible from your window it can be very tempting for criminals.  Try to ensure that your gifts are out of site if possible.

4.     Decorate with caution
Tis the season for lights and decorations, but unfortunately if you aren’t careful they can also be a fire hazard; 

  • Make sure you turn off your Christmas lights when you’re not at home and when you go to sleep.
  • Don’t overload a power outlet with an excessive amount of electrical plugs.
  • Decorations can be highly flammable.  Make sure you keep them away from heaters, candles and fireplaces to avoid them catching fire.
  • Never connect extension cords.  

5.     Going out of town

  • If you’re going to be gone this holiday season here are a few things you can do to help deter burglars.
  • Make your house look active. Having a neighbour you trust, shovel the driveway and collect your mail from your doorstep can go a long way.
  • If you’re using timers make sure they’re set to go on and off at random times avoiding any particular pattern that thieves could catch onto.
  • Check your social media privacy settings to ensure only your friends can read your posts about your travels.  Criminals often scope out your feeds to determine when you aren’t home.

6.    Don’t advertise your shiny new gifts
If possible, avoid displaying the empty boxes or packaging for any big ticket items you may have received.   This can be very tempting for passersby.