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What Our Clients Say

Would You Recommend Us? Yes, we will not hesitate to recommend your services to anyone needing exceptional insurance assistance.
Testimonial: I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional service one of your staff (Melissa Penner) provided us to secure sewer coverage for our insurance needs. Her dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to finding a solution were truly remarkable and deeply appreciated.

From the beginning of this process, it was evident that her extensive knowledge of the insurance industry and her thorough understanding of our unique situation made all the difference. Melissa's patience in explaining the intricacies of insurance policies, promptness in responding to our inquiries, and willingness to go above and beyond to advocate for us was exceptional.

Her professionalism and proactive approach were instrumental in navigating the complexities of the insurance landscape and keeping our trust in the insurance process itself. Her ability to negotiate on our behalf and present our case in the best possible light to insurers showcased her dedication to our best interests.

Furthermore, your unwavering commitment to securing coverage for us demonstrated your tenacity and genuine care for your client's well-being. Your tireless efforts have not only protected us against potential future losses but have also reassured us that there are professionals like you who prioritize their client's peace of mind above all else.

Once again, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude for your exceptional service, Melissa. Your commitment to meeting our insurance needs has left an indelible mark on us. You truly exemplify what it means to be a dedicated insurance broker who puts their clients first.

Please accept our sincerest thanks for everything you have done for us. We are grateful for your professionalism and expertise and your kindness and understanding throughout this process. You have made a significant impact on our lives




Tony P.

Would You Recommend Us? Yes
Testimonial: I was in your Dakota office yesterday and I have to tell you I had the pleasure of being looked after by a young man, who was not only very efficient, and thorough, but personable as well. He presents the image I think you would be proud of, well done!





Thom B.

Would You Recommend Us? Yes
Testimonial: Manu was the one who assisted me with my transaction today and as always she was very cheerful and always wears a welcoming smile on her face. What with all the daily stress in our life and work, I really appreciate the fact that in those few minutes I was in Crossroads office in Tyndall Mall, I experienced a soothing stress free moment when I felt that a problem was solved and I can move forward to the rest of my day feeling that I don't need to worry about my car insurance. Keep it up !!!

Feedback or Comments: A stress free experience. Manu was cheerful, confident, and competent. Two thumbs up!!!





Arnel H.

Would You Recommend Us? Yes
Testimonial: Very good services and offering more options to choose from. Staff are all approachable and accommodating. Keep up the good work!!





Maria V.

Would You Recommend Us? Yes
Testimonial: Maria has been helping us from the start and just this past weekend, was able to transact our car registration thru her and as usual no hassle and worry free service. She has been helping us out with our home insurance and she always delivers and making extra steps to make sure our needs are met and we understand what the policy, coverage and changes are all about. Will definitely recommend Crossroads Insurance as people are so helpful.





Would You Recommend Us? Yes
Testimonial: Always good experience with the team at Tyndall Park mall. Our broker Peter Leung helped us a lot, not only in business insurance but also personal insurance. Nice to have his all service.



Yucen Z.

Would You Recommend Us? Yes
Testimonial: Excellent service and claim went through without any hiccups. Really happy choosing them.



Jatinder S.

Would You Recommend Us? For sure!
Testimonial: A big thanks to Nella for helping me out of my first-time insurance problem. It was a huge relief to get things settled and become a client of Crossroads. She really knows her stuff and I'm afraid I can't say that of other insurance experts I've dealt with. I would recommend Crossroads to anyone.


Leslie H.

Would You Recommend Us? Most certainly
Testimonial: Thanks to Sandra for her expertise and her sensitive handling of what is not an every day insurance situation.  I was much appreciative of her prompt response to my email and her attention to the matter.


Marian M.

Big thank you to Rahat Sharma! She was fantastic. Definitely saved the day for me

Lynn M.

I have dealt with Cody Malcolm with Crossroads for about 3 years now. On every contact I have found Cody to be extremely personal, professional, knowledgeable and prompt. These qualities have served me very well in meeting my commercial insurance needs. Cody is extremely accessible and genuinely concerned to provide products beneficial to me as a consumer. He has also on occasion provided help with my personal insurance even though it isn't his department.  He has always accommodated my needs financially when it comes time for payment and his sincere personal interactions makes each experience very pleasant. I have a handful of business contacts that I would refer to family and friends and Cody is certainly at the top of that list. He represents Crossroads very well and is an asset and credit to his profession. Much thanks Cody and I look forward to future business with you.

Daniel A.

Happy New Year 2020 to All of You! Allow us to thank everyone involved with the restoration project recently and satisfactorily completed, as part of our insurance claim at our residence. Obviously, the entire event was unforeseen and somewhat traumatic for my wife and me. However, this unplanned "unpleasantness" was significantly softened by the behaviour of the entire "restoration team" involved. So, let us list the main actors on that team: To: CROSSROADS INSURANCE, our real-estate insurance agents for nearly 50 years, thanks for their immediate - "no questions asked" response to our problem. Thanks to "now-retired" Tony McRedmond, its founder for developing such an excellent organization. To: INTACT, the insurer, who took care of all financial matters pertaining to this event. To: Jeanette, the Adjuster, who very promptly got everything off the ground and managed changes. To: FIRST ONSITE RESTORATION, the main restoration contractor, for the super-professional way they approached and managed the solution to our problem. The organization was efficient and helpful every step along the way. We were quite impressed by their company staff and by the caliber of the trades-subcontractors that were assigned and continuously monitored for quality. To Ron, of FIRST ONSITE, the person most heavily involved with the actual evaluation, scheduling and monitoring of the work, for his professional, friendly and attentive assistance. To Darren, of FIRST ONSITE, who assisted Ron in the second half of the project, for continuing FIRST ONSITE's, by then expected, level of professionalism, helpfulness and friendliness. Our thanks to all of the above for what each did! No one is pleased with paying for "Home Insurance", and we are just like everyone else. However, we have to admit that when unforeseen circumstances make one need it, one should be glad one has it. We are glad we had it.

Tatiana and Ostap

The 2 weeks I spent dealing with Tiana was great as she was personal and had a great sense of humour and made dealing with insurance easy to understand and not dull, not to mention we ended up saving $$!! I super appreciated her!!p>


I really like the fact that there are always enough people to serve the customers (less wait time) !! And always very friendly.

Paul J

The staff at Crossroads are so friendly and I feel very comfortable w/ any questions I have. I’ve never had an issue here. 1st class!

J - Katie

Paitton was very polite!


Staff is always friendly, helpful & knowledgeable

Kevin T.

Agent was very professional & friendly


Excellent service!

Dr. Paramjit T

As usual very helpful and cheerful service!


Great customer service!

Phil C

Always have a great experience and friendly service here, long time client 


Very Helpful with questions I ask.

John S.

Excellent customer service!

Nishant T.


Steve W.

Always exceptional service!

Jordan W.

[Courtney] is very pleasant, friendly and very insightful

J M. D.

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