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A question that is posed to us frequently is, “What exactly is Third Party Liability and how much do I need?”

Third Party Liability is the coverage that insures you for claims made against you if your vehicle causes damage to another vehicle or someone else’s property within Manitoba.  It also will insure claims made against you if your vehicle causes bodily injury, damage to another vehicle, or damage to someone else’s property outside of Manitoba, but within Canada and the United States.

Earlier this year Manitoba Public Insurance increased the amount of Third Party Liability that can be purchased through Autopac.  You can now purchase up to $10,000,000 of coverage.  Many people feel that $10,000,000 is a ludicrously high amount of insurance.  Think again!  A report put out by AAA cited that bodily injury auto accident claims resulting in a fatality had settlements that were on average over $6,000,000 USD.  Manitoba Public Insurance’s liability limits are in CAD!

If you travel outside of Manitoba, especially into the United States, looking at limits above $5,000,000 might be right for you.  Contact us today to for more information.


* – AAA Report Citation

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