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It’s an incredibly wet spring in Manitoba, no surprises here, spring is flood season and many areas in the province are affected. Recent flood information from the province indicates that areas around a number of rivers and lakes will be impacted this year due to flood conditions including areas around the Assiniboine, Red, Whitemud, Souris, Swan, Pembina, Icelandic and Fisher rivers and the Lake St. Martin area. Yep, that’s an extensive list, and individuals living in some of these areas may be ordered to evacuate due to excessive flood water.

The news tends to feature stories on evacuations, and of course, sandbagging. Yes, if you’re in the wet zone your home is important, but what can often be forgotten is vehicles. When you think of how much we value our vehicles and how necessary they are to our everyday routine it’s so important to make sure they’re protected in case the water gets too high and causes major damage. No, this doesn’t mean building a super dike or sandbagging around your vehicle!

Here are some simple tips to ensure your vehicle is covered should this year’s flood impact you:


  • Get high, stay dry. Move your vehicle to higher ground that has a lower chance of flooding.
  • Is a road on your destination flooded? Stay off! Take an alternate route to avoid damage.
  • If you’ve stored a vehicle, make sure it’s insured and be certain to check that your storage area will be kept dry.
  • If your area is evacuated or you need to move a vehicle, make sure it’s registered to avoid getting tagged with a gigantic fine. If you plan on moving the vehicle and storing it, you can purchase temporary insurance for your short trip.

Take pride in your ride! Flood season is stressful enough, making sure your vehicle is safe from the rising water will no doubt help you breathe a little easier this flood season.