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As Christmas fades away and prices for plane tickets start to reduce, looking around for possible holiday destinations seems to be part of the daily routine.

Dreaming of white sandy beaches and tropical breezes creep into mind as the cold days drag on..


When hotels are booked and you’re prepared to depart make sure your house is safe and secure. By following these tips your trip will be worry-free:

1. Get some help:

Having a close friend or neighbor come to check your house a couple times a week is a secure precaution that will insure to put your mind to rest. Ask them to drive by your house a couple times a week, feed the cat, water the plants, etc. Giving him or her your contact information and itinerary will make it easier for them to reach you in case of an emergency.


2. On or off?:

The lights are on but no one is home… It might come off a bit suspicious if your lights are on all through the night. Not to mention your electric bill, it will cost as much as your mortgage and leaving your lights on isn’t exactly “green”. Instead purchase a light switch timer that will turn your lights on and off automatically.


3. Expiry dates:

If you plan on leaving for more than a week than unstocking your fridge is a good way to keep your house from smelling like rotting food and it will insure there will be no mess for you to clean up when you get back home. To avoid pesky critters taking over your pantry, make sure to seal or throw away all opened packages.


4. Shut down:

Unplugging all small appliances and turning off water valves to sinks, toilets, dishwasher and washing machine can save you extra cash compared to if they were left on. This will guarantee that nothing will be increasing your bills and will protect your belongings from power surges.


5. You’ve got mail:

Contacting your post office and news carrier will put your mail and newspapers on hold so they won't pile up in front of your house while you're gone. Or having a friend to collect your mail will keep criminals from thinking you’re out of town.


6. Insurance

Making sure you have the proper insurance is definitely a crucial task that can be quite confusing. Luckily Crossroads Insurance has full coverage insurance that is easy to obtain with only a call away. We offer Travel Health coverage, Tour Package Plans and Trip Cancellation (saving you a lot of heartache and money in the long run).