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Helpful tips to protect homeowners and business owners.Canada can have some extreme winter weather, such as blizzards and ice storms. This extreme weather can leave many dealing with power outages, damaged property, and treacherous roads. Crossroads Insurance has helpful tips and precautions to help stay safe in these conditions.

Protecting yourself and your family is utmost importance:


  • Stay away from downed power lines;
  • Keep snow and ice from piling up around drains and down spouts;
  • Ensure all branches /trees are trimmed to avoid breaking under the weight of heavy ice or snow;
  • Keep stairways/walkways/driveways clear of snow and ice;
  • Keep all outside vents and basement windows clear of ice and snow;
  • Make sure to hire a qualified company to clear heavy amounts of snow and ice from rooftops; and MOST IMPORTANTLY stay in touch with family and friends to ensure they are safe.


Three helpful tips if you lose power:


  1. Ensure adequate ventilation is maintained, but avoid opening doors unnecessarily;
  2. Turn off and unplug all electric appliances; and
  3. Never leave lit candles or heaters unattended.

When power is restored follow these simply steps:


  • Leave a light or radio on so you will be aware of when the power has returned;
  • Make sure to check your breaker if something is not working;
  • Recharge all mobile devices, in case of a power outage reoccurs;
  • Plug in appliances in stages to prevent an overload; and
  • Avoid using power hungry appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and dryers.


When road conditions are poor, avoid driving if it isn’t necessary. When you do find yourself on the roads here are tips to keep you safe.


  • Check the local weather network for road conditions;
  • Assure windows, lights, mirrors and the roof of your vehicle is clear of all snow and ice;
  • Before driving wait for your interior windows are clear of all fog;
  • Snow banks can impede views, so make sure to be cautious when pulling out of your driveway;
  • Keep appropriate distances between vehicles in front of you; and
  • Always keep an emergency kit in your trunk.

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