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With the holidays fast approaching we would like to remind you to drive safely and be prepared for anything during the cold months of winter. As the colder months start to creep up it's beneficial to be well equipped, from readying our vehicle with winter tires, to packing an emergency kit. All these precautions keep us safe from the harmful road conditions that lay ahead.

The air gets brisk, the snow starts to fall and everything begins to freeze. Even when we think the road looks safe there’s always a chance that unseen ice could be hiding ahead. The best thing to do is to stay alert. Avoid distractions; such as the radio, cellphones, etc., anything that could divert your full attention.
Being overcautious can be a good thing in these cold circumstances.

Some helpful tips to keep you safe on the winter roads: 

Learn and practice winter driving skills before you drive on the real roads.

  • Clear all the snow off of the vehicle.
  • Know how to handle skidding.
  • Leave plenty of space between your vehicle and the one ahead.
  • Avoid using cruise control on slippery roads.
  • Think ahead. Check road conditions and weather.
  • Leave early to give yourself extra travel time.
  • Travel with a full charged cellphone.
  • Pack an emergency kit: bag of sand, traction mats, booster cables, warning devices (flares), flashlight, blanket, first aid kit, food & water, matches and road maps.
  • Know what to do if you get stranded. Stay in your car, put on all of your flashers, light a flare so people can see you.