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There are many different types of cottage insurance.  If you aren't sure what type of policy you have you might have an unhappy surprise in the event of claim.  Crossroads Insurance has an expert team of insurance advisors that ensure you know your policy in and out.  

Coverage Options

  • Seasonal Homeowners
  • Secondary Homeowners
  • Fire and Extended Coverage
  • Trailer 
  • Watercraft
  • Docks
  • Additional Structures
  • Bear Damage

Common Questions You May Have

Q: Can I rent out my cottage during summer?

Many policies will have a provision built in that allows you to rent out your cottage for a few weeks during the year. But you should always check with your broker before renting out any portion of your cottage. Failing to do this could result in a denied claim.

Q: Why is the estimated rebuilding cost so high?

While seasonal residences often don’t have as many amenities as a traditional house, labour costs are usually far higher. For example, cottages on islands can often cost well in excess of $350 per square foot because the contractors need a boat to get to your cottage. We always recommend having someone appraise your cottage to ensure you have enough coverage

Q: How do you determine how much insurance I need?

Cottage policies vary when it comes to determining rebuilding cost. Some policies will allow you to tell us how much insurance you want, while other more comprehensive options will require for us to use rebuilding cost calculators to estimate how much it would cost to rebuild your cottage in the event of a total loss.

Q: Do I have to attend my cottage during winter?

Some seasonal insurance policies will require you to visit the property periodically during winter. These are often classified as seasonal or secondary homeowner policies. Make sure to confirm this information with your broker to be safe.

Q: Am I covered for sewer back-up or overland flooding?

Not necessarily. These two coverages need to be purchased additionally and are not automatically included in your policy. The availability and pricing is based on preventative measures you have taken (sump pump, back water valve) and the “risk zone” in which your property is located. Not all companies offer overland flooding coverage because it is brand new to the market.

Q: What are Special Limits?

Special limits are categories of property that have a unique limit of insurance. Examples of property with special limits are cash, jewelry, furs, bicycles and business property. Limits of insurance on such items vary by company and, in some cases, by policy.

Coverage can usually be extended for an additional premium. Each company’s wording booklet details the items and limits that apply. Contact us for more information.

Q: I no longer require my policy. How do I cancel it, and do I get any money back?

If you no longer require your policy, we can cancel it by written request only. All individuals named on the policy must sign for cancellation. If your policy is up for renewal, sign the back of the policy for cancellation and return it to us. On renewal only the policy is returned for flat cancellation, meaning no cancellation charge or refund applies. If you wish to cancel your policy midterm, a cancellation fee proportionate to the number of days remaining on the policy will be applied against any refund.

Q: I am doing or planning to do renovations to my home. What do you need to know?

We will need to know when you plan on starting, the nature of your renovation and if you plan on staying in your residence throughout the renovations. Major renovations that result in vacancy should be discussed prior to their start, as a vacancy or construction permit may be required. You should also let us know once the work is completed so we can update your insurance.

Q: Why has my premium increased?

We understand that no one enjoys watching their bills increase. However, just like the cost of groceries, insurance prices don’t stay the same. While an inflationary increase is very common (just like your groceries) we ensure that any substantial increases will be addressed by our renewal advisors. Remember, we work for you primarily, not the insurance companies. If you are not a Crossroads Insurance client yet, we would love the opportunity to quote you. Feel free to use our online quoting tool or you can contact our office for more information.